Monday, November 25, 2013

Shipping "Majicks" Vol. 1 continues...

Sorry for the lack of updates this month-- we’ve just been trying to keep busy with shipping customer orders.

In order to be as fair to everyone as much as possible, we have been working our way through the shipments in the order that purchases came in from the time pre-orders commenced in August, 2012. We're doing the best we can to take care of everyone's order as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Since these are high-quality books, we're also taking time to pack the shipments with bubble-wrap, etc., to ensure that everyone's copy arrives undamaged. Even with that we manage to get quite a few orders out the door every day.

Several people have written to ask if their books have shipped yet. When the postage and mailing labels are printed out, my online postage system automatically generates a shipping confirmation e-mail (which includes a tracking number). I send the confirmation e-mail the same day the shipment goes out. So the simple answer to that question is: if you haven’t received the shipping confirmation e-mail, then your order hasn’t shipped yet.

You’re still welcome to inquire-- I realize that e-mails and servers are not 100% reliable. But in general, the shipping confirmation e-mail will tell you if your book has shipped.

Local Pickup Option

In a few cases I realized that some people writing in were in the local Los Angeles area. I followed up and we made arrangements for a local pickup rather than waiting for the book to go through the mails. So if anyone reading this lives in the greater Los Angeles area and would like to pick up, just drop me a line by clicking here:  Local Pickup Inquiry  (be sure to add a Subject Line like "Local pickup?" -- blank Subject Lines often cause emails to get thrown into the Junk Mail folder and I might miss it). For your reference, I am located in the Los Feliz district near Griffith Park. Stopping by any time, including weekends and reasonable evening hours, would be fine.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and support. We’re getting’ there…!

Above: A partial daily shipment. Usually about
4-5 stacks like this go out every day (or every other day).

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